FSP Releases 3'' x 5'' High Power Density 350W Open Frame Power Supply


【Monchengladbach, Dec. 6, 2019】Power budget is getting larger for the information and communication system due to the rise of applications with high speed frequency operations, especially in the 5G era. FSP, one of the leading power supply companies, is releasing a 350W Open Frame power supply to strengthen its existing 3"x5" form factor product line to supporting all customers.


FSP has accumulated decades of knowledge and experience in technology and in the power supply industry, focusing on providing a comprehensive product line for various fields. There are several voltage options available for each series model. The FSP350-F35-Axx is a single voltage output power supply that includes the specifications of 12/18/24/54 V, suitable for applications including Information Products, Networking, PoE, Embedded Systems, etc. FSP also provides custom and semi-custom services. Please contact us if you have additional requests.


FSP350-F35-Axx Series is a class-I design that features the LLC architecture with 94% high efficiency. Low profile 3" x 5" x 1.34" with 350W output power under 16 CFM airflow condition.  Standby power consumption is less than 0.5W.  The power supply design conforms to IEC 62368-1, IEC 60950- 1 safety standard and EN 55032 Class B radiated emissions, EN55024 electromagnetic compatibility characteristics. Please contact us for more relevant safety certificates.


In the future, FSP will continue to develop more high-wattage Open Frame Power Supplies on compact size to fulfill your demands.


Product Features:



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