Ultra-Slim 330W Fanless Adapter


【Taipei, Mönchengladbach, May. 21st, 2020】Ultra-Slim 330W Fanless Adapter is 330 Watts AC to DC adapter that suits devices with high power demands. Its low profile is space-saving for users. Different from normal high power adapters, this product is a fanless design with good heat dissipation. Enclosure design reduces noise and is dust-proof.

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Selling Points: 

■ Ultra-Slim 330W Fanless Adapter

■ 27mm Slim Design

■ Fanless Design

■ Enclosure design reduces noise and is dust-proof

■ IEC 62368-1 Certified

■ Meet Code of Conduct Version 5 Tier 2

■ Input Voltage 100-240 VAC

■ Over Current / Over Temperature / Over Voltage Protection

■ With PFC Circuit


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