Declaración de garantía

Warranty Statement

FSP Power Solution GmbH (FPS) guarantees that all products which are supplied comply with the specifications, are free of material defects and do not show any quality defects according to the warranty provisions of the contract. For all products, an international guarantee period of 1 year or 3 years (details as following) is granted for contract partners as standard.

Product line Country Warranty (years)
General EU 2
UPS (Mainboard) EU 2
UPS (Battery) EU 1
LED Driver (Outdoor model) EU 5
LED Driver (Indoor model) EU 2
Medical PSU EU 2
PV Hybrid Wechselrichter DE 7
PV Offgrid Wechselrichter DE 3
LFP Batterie (PS5120E) DE 7

FPS reserves the right to provide spare parts for a repair or to exchange a device with regard to the product type under guarantee.

The customer should provide sufficient information of defects and model identification. Replacement boards and other parts are free of charge, return is not necessary.

For exchange of the equipment, the customer takes over the costs for the return shipment.

The sending of devices is to be registered with FPS and confirmed by FPS by a "Return Merchandise Authorization" (RMA) before shipment.

The customer should provide sufficient information of defects, which can help to find the basic cause of error.

FPS is neither responsible nor liable in this matter, and is entitled to reject the processing of returns without prior notification.

FPS is not responsible for any direct or indirect consequential damages or costs resulting from the return of goods.

An RMA return should be prepared as follows:

FPS will repair or replace the defective, returned item within the warranty period. The returned product must have a readable label with the serial number which is relevant for the guarantee and must be packaged in a transport-safe manner. The RMA number should be visible and readable on the package.

Defective devices are not covered by the warranty if:

  1. Damage in transit.

  2. Unauthorized modification by the (end-) customer, modification or attempted self-repair.

  3. Improper installation, improper use or operation (some products are designed for indoor use), including damage during operation in rooms with high humidity due to corrosion and in areas with high dust generation.

  4. Application not in the field of approval or compatibility.

  5. Force majeure such as non-controllable natural forces (thunderstorm, storm, flood, fire, etc.) or accidents, terrorist attacks and similar.

  6. Insufficient ventilation and cooling at the site.

Attention: FPS does not process any returns, which have obviously been carried out by self-repair. self-repair makes the warranty invalid. Wiring diagrams and diagrams are property of FPS and are not issued.



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