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【Monchengladbach Jan. 16th, 2023】While many companies as well as investment firms try to identify the own position for strong long-term performance, i.e. Business Sustainability according to the  three criteria – Environmental, Social, and Governance (abbr. ESG), one of the Embedded World 2023 main topics is also “Sustainability” which plays a key role in the development of embedded systems. Today, we primarily associate the aspect of System Sustainability with “Green Power” – a highly reliable power supply design with ultra-high efficiency.


FSP Group has always paid great attention to the development of the most advanced power supply products from product design, manufacturing to operation in order to meet the sustainability requirements of all embedded systems. Coinciding with its 30th anniversary this year, FSP will continue to profoundly develop power technology and promote energy conservation as well as carbon reduction to pursue the perpetuity of the enterprise and the environment based upon the company guidance of "enhancing sustainable value, building a beautiful environment together, and rebalancing with keeping up the times".


Conforming to USB PD Revision 3.1 specification, FSP Group has also kicked off the development of the desktop type PD 140W with 28V output and desktop type PD 180W with 36V output. They will be launched by Q1 2023 that will extend the applications to high performance notebooks, chargers for power tools, motor drives and electric bicycles with built-in multi-string lithium battery packs, IOT devices and communication & surveillance equipment.


FSP USB-C PD product collection has integrated the charging cable for several types of electronic products into one simple charging accessory to make users’ lives easier and the earth cleaner by avoiding electronic waste for long term.


With the booming development of IoT, more and more appliances are connected to the internet. At stand-by mode, higher amounts of energy are consumed. FSP065-P24-B series is one of FSP’s Open frame series meeting EU eco-design low stand-by power consumption requirement, perfectly suitable for network-connected embedded devices.


ATX 2.0 has been the common standard for PC Power Supply since 2003 with numerous revisions. Intel launched ATX 3.0 standard in Feb. 2022. This new ATX spec ensures there won’t occur any shutdown or other compatibility issues with the upcoming generations of power-hungry GPUs.      FSP developed FSP500-50ANB, ATX 3.0-compliant Power Supply, to fulfil the market requirements in 2023. In addition to FSP500-50ANB, FSP250/300/400-50AMB (250W/300W/400W versions) are also available to support ATX 3.0 spec. 


In pursuit of engineering eco-friendly server power development, FSP has created exceptionally high power density 3000W CRPS Power Module – FSP3000-20FE, which is compliant with CRPS 2.2 standard and 80Plus Platinum Efficiency, to reduce power loss, heat waste and to improve system reliability. It is equipped with PMBus Communication Protocol Interface, real-time monitoring and controlling the power supply status.   


At the upcoming Embedded World 2023, FSP will present comprehensive IPC Power Supply Solutions – Adapter, Open Frame, IPC PSU and Redundant/CRPS PSU.  Welcome to visit FSP’s booth there!




A quick glance at FSP Highlight Products at FSP booth:


Adapter: FSP180-A1BR3
  • Certified CB 62368-1 & CB 60950-1
  • Includes ground wire for safety
  • High power output density of up to 10.82 W/in3
  • Meets DoE level 6 standard for energy efficiency
  • Full thermal and electrical safety protection
  • Elegant, simple, compact design
  • There are five different output voltage (5v,9v,12v,15v,20v)


Open Frame: FSP065-P24-B series
  • Class-II 65W @ Convection cooling
  • Single output voltage: 12V, 19V, 24V, 54V
  • HVDC input
  • Surge protection ±3 KV diff., ±6 KV com.
  • Standby power < 0.5W @ 0.2W load


IPC Power: FSP500-50ANB

  • 500W ATX IPC Power Supply
  • Meet ATX 3.0 Specifications
  • 80 PLUS Gold
  • Internal 8 cm fan with IEC 62368
  • Low Ripple & Noise
  • Support OCP, OTP and OVP circuit protection
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • Global Safety (CB,CE,UL,FCC,TUV,EMC,UKCA)


CRPS Module: FSP3000-20FE


  • 3000W Output, +54V, +12Vsb
  • 80PLUS Platinum
  • Working temperature: 0 to 55°C
  • Hot Swapping
  • Support OCP, OTP, OVP and OPP circuit protection
  • Operation: sea level to 5000m
  • Support PMBus




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FSP Group is one of the global leading power supply manufacturer. Since 1993, FSP Group has followed the management conception “service, profession, and innovation” to fulfill its responsibilities as a green energy resolution supplier.

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